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Fairtrans Facilities and locations

The company head office is located at Port Said, one of the most important hub ports (Port Said East and West ports) in the Mediterranean at the edge of Suez Canal; in fact the office has a eastern canal view monitoring canal movements around the clock. The head office is 450 square meter controlling all of the company departments with the exception of the Air Freight business which mostly handled by our Cairo branch. In addition the company has an office located inside Port Said West port at Port Said Container Terminal aiming to deal directly with vessels calling at the port in collaboration with the head office. 
Suez branch is located at the maritime area of Port Tawfik; and is serving ports of Suez, Adabiya and Sokhna. This office specialized for handling vessels transiting Suez Canal in collaboration with Port Said office in addition to handling vessels calling at Red Sea ports and related activities. 

Damietta branch is located inside Damietta port investment building which was established by Port Authority to allocate all authorities and companies dealing with the port. The office is specialized in handling vessels calling at the port and related activities. 

Alexandria branch is located at the heart of Alexandria city nearby the Maritime Transport Sector. This office is specialized in handling vessels calling at Alexandria ports and related activities, also it is the company’s, on the spot, correspondent office with Ministry of Transport (Maritime Sector). 

Cairo branch is located at the heart of the capital specialized in sales and marketing activities directly with the major merchants, factories and freight forwarding companies, Air Freight business which is a value added service to ship-owners and operators to serve parcels deliveries to and from ships through Cairo International Airport, in addition to the reception of vessels crew to and from the airport. 

All of the company’s offices are connected with cables and the Internet with overall bandwidth of 4 Gbps in each office to cover our needs of communication for national and international use, in addition to data transmissions between offices for our in-house financial and operational software